3.24.2 Hotfix 5

3.24.2 Hotfix 5

  • Fixed a bug which allowed the Bestiary craft using The Black Morrigan Recipe to not respect item socket rules. We're investigating the items that have been created through this method and are working on fixing them. Any gems socketed in these items are at risk for being destroyed when these items are fixed.
Last bumped on May 12, 2024, 8:23:13 PM

hope you guys ban the exploiters while you're at it.
player agency, where?

"do you guys not have phones?" - blizz 2018
"do you guys not have 2 monitors, 3 overlays, 4 discord, 5 websites, 6 loot filters?" - ggg or smth 2024
"deal with it" - ggg, 2024
Last edited by iParadoxG on May 3, 2024, 7:30:33 PM
OK Those items should be fixed
ban obvious exploiters and streamers hyping the exploit
Good job!
Any plans on fixing the 25k Fire Resistance chest on standard?
Can't wait to see responses after the rollback/fix of items.
There's no powercreep here. Creep implies it's slow and could be overlooked, this is a full out sprint.
please at least few weeks ban for bug abusers

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