3.24.2 Hotfix 4

In Affliction, I quickly completed my 38 challenges because of the fun league, in Necropolis despite the league. Can't remember the last time I was so glad it was over.

Mid-league nerfs are the worst thing one can do to its longevity.
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hoho as the saying goes.

Exploit Early Exploit Often.
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xPiranha wrote:
hoho as the saying goes.

Exploit Early Exploit Often.

Shaper added so much difficulty to the map the extra quant made it worth it. Now its just boring. The maps are way easier, the loot is worse. Now we have to do back to basics again which is just terrible design. The best strat is to exclude the league mechanics. Just a joke.
Removing all upsides from Shaper-touched is a very bad idea. It is a hard mod, which should be rewarding.
Yes, it was over tuned, just tune it down, why completely remove?
Bring Chris back.Bring Chris back.Bring Chris back.
it was the "fastest league" when i'm qiut.
You told "we test this league" who is that ppl who test it? and then you fix each fun for ppl.
Better if you fix party MF with leechers etc.
"Hot fix" when retention is dead , it's really "HOT".
I don't know, guys. You say you've been testing league mechanics and all scarabs for a month. As it turns out the players found in a few days what you didn't find in a month. Okay, if something is overpowered you fix it, but you give nothing in return. You take something away, but you give nothing in return. Unfortunately for me, every week of fixes looks like players and streamers are now doing your job - finding “overpowered farm and bugs in farming” and you fixing it
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Why did it take you so long to notice this?
The economy is already dead, we are waiting for the nerf party 0 invest 30x loot why these not nerfed????
just saaaaaaaaaaaaaaayin...

God fucking dammit this league is ruined and its because you guys "fixed" the economy 4 times... everyone left (hope you got your precious mtx sales)

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