3.24.2 Hotfix 4

guys stop, the league is already dead?

why u keep hitting instead of helping?

whats next? barrel "hotfix" in another month?

chris plz come back
Last edited by x420 on May 2, 2024, 3:41:02 AM
Crazzzzy, what little people are still playing probably goin to quit now.

Mid league nerfs like these ruined the league for me stopped cold turkey.
it's not hotfix, it's nerf 4.0
Every hotfix is just a nerf to kill the league even more.
GGG didnt nerf the leagues mid-league before only after league, seems like a new trend to see if ppl leave league faster than Diablo4.
Last edited by zsirfoka on May 2, 2024, 3:58:55 AM
What is the point of this? Truly.

The league trade market has been at rock bottom for weeks and you "fix" this now?

3 flask Magebloods are 40 div. Headhunters......HEADHUNTERS are 5 div.

Just put the league in maintenance mode and work on the next league.
Finally decide to level a new character,
GGG next day:no go gym till next league
Fair enough lol o7
Love all these mid league nerfs. So much fun.

Bring Chris back.
I seriously don't get it. Why keep nerfing the league? Why is it there's no buff along with it?
I'm honestly surprised they're trying this hard to kill POE1/turn it into ruthless mode.

This aint looking good for POE2.
Literally the only strategy that was fun to play, good job on making me quit the league

You've done a horrible, horrible job with this patch. The best strategy to run is a run around the map and kill barrels one, D3 is better than this shit

Whoever takes these decisions should honestly just put in their resignation letter, you have zero clue about PoE and player retention

Yes, you should've made this change. No, you shouldn't have done in the middle of a dead league.

Literally any non-clueless game designer would tell you that you SHOULDNT nerf things in this state of things. Next league gives you the opportunity to fix your mistakes, now you're just being petty and ruining people's fun
Last edited by SptfrPoE on May 2, 2024, 4:43:26 AM
Playing in SSF casually, so none of these "changes" affect me as I will not see or experience "t17 strategies".

But simply from curiosity, why make these changes now? Why not end of league? So people forget about nerfs? Very strange.

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