3.24.2 Hotfix 4

That was kind of not a good idea, was it? Why fix something that actually rewards you for doing harder content, Shaper-Touched is now just a "roll over" mod, just like many others.

It's multiple weeks into the league, please stop fixing stuff for the 0.1% of Players when there are already almost none remaining anyway. I really don't get it
Dead league of nerfs and no fun.

Failed experiment and a waste of players time
Why was this unintentional? The mod adds a ton of danger with shaper slamming and doing other attacks constantly while you fight the rare - it SHOULD be more rewarding, like other pantheon touched rares.
Cool, now the game is good right? Thank god that was addressed.
SptfrPoE wrote:

Yes, you should've made this change. No, you shouldn't have done in the middle of a dead league.

Literally any non-clueless game designer would tell you that you SHOULDNT nerf things in this state of things. Next league gives you the opportunity to fix your mistakes, now you're just being petty and ruining people's fun

What baffles me as well is that do these changes really really needed to be done aka hotfix? So what if they're farming shaper touched t17s? is this game breaking? how about the fact that majority of the player can't even touch t17s? shouldn't that be fixed? nahhh

Nice meme.
This is a great way to lose some faith to the playerbase.. wish the league was good (i enjoy this game) but the way this has been all handled is an absolute nightmare.
Wishing GGG the best but this aint it (this league and management).
Continue nerf everything, it's funny to see how this game is going to void
OMG, what a bunch of very bad choices!
What about letting the current league farming strats as they are and ACTUALLY FIXING bugged things?
Like essences (interactions with new scarab and beasts), huge ping spikes under certain conditions (****ing anti-proj barriers playing animation while blocking proj? Do you even realize how much of these animations have to play in a second when you get a lot of projs + APS?), ...
And do I really have to mention the abyssal UI/QoL of this league's mechanic: lacking corpse storage, corpse UI windows popping above the loot, ilvl thresholds on trade site for allflames and corpses...
I even came across unkillable spiders this league, preventing me from opening my strongbox and dealing damages but not taking any (no life bar, nothing)!
[Removed by Support] Thanks! :)
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GGG has always had a stance of not changing stuff mid league, this league it's not been like that at all.

Sometimes it's warranted, this time it's not. The only people who care, are the people who have a life, and are in the process of setting this up, now getting cucked.

Big L.

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