3.24.2 Hotfix 4

I want Chris back. Chris promised no mid league nerfs. Hotfix lol? a hotfix is for a game breaking instance crashing issue not an over tuned map mod.

This is bad. It's a month in.
Remove party quant to kill mf bots. Otherwise everything is useless.
what a flop. Absolute doozy.

Is this the bi product of fully selling to ten cent?
Why not just leave this kind of nerf for next league.... makes no sense changing this mow... this will just make more people quit the league.. and in future when there is something good to farm no one will spread the news... they will simply hide it.
Well... I guess not. At least May 14th is soon.
So glad i decided to skip this shit show of a league. The fact you guys are still nerfing stuff 4-5 weeks in is crazy!
[Removed by Support]
Look! They're having fun in this shitty league! Lets nerf the fun ò.ó no fun allowed.

Imagine how PoE 2 will be if they keep doing things this way.
Nerfing at this point in the league is just embarrassing. For the few people that still play the league this change will bring 0(?) positives and only negatives. Should have kept this for the 3.25 patch notes instead.
I have no problem with this nerf if it was done a little sooner, like week two

I just sold these and only got caught with 1 left to sell but I feel like its reasonable for player at this point to assume this was working as intended
Whatever army I have, I'll lead against them...
...until I've won or I'm dead.
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