3.24.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

I don't like having the league mechanic being forced onto me. I don't want to click through a menu and decide which mobs get which buffs, and who to turn into frogs, for every single zone/map I enter. And I don't want the game to just automatically decide that the most common/hardest mobs should get whichever buffs are determined for them if I don't click the menu.

It just feels like a bad design decision. For years, you've prided yourselves on giving players choice, and here you are, forcing your bad idea on all of your players.

Please make that entire ^ part of the league optional, and then I will play it. Until then, I'll play Standard or some other game.
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Getting a login error and restarted the game still same message
Just downloaded the update and my game wont start back up. says i need to update game but also says game is up to date
Dang, seeing a lot of hate for some reason..
Personally I have been having a great time and I think this league is awesome 🔥
In fact I don't even wanna put it down.lol
Only reason I'm on here now, is because of a patch and now I can't play 😭 lol

I updated game "PS5" but says I need to update to login? I updated..still won't let me login
So many complaints they decided to stop log ins at all lmao
Game is broken. no longer can log in with this patch.
Update bricked the game.
version of update should be 3.24.0c
After update it reads 3.24.0b

"There has been a patch that you need to update to. Please restart Path of Exile."

Update downloaded an installed
Game re-launched

Game is 3.24.0b
Game has been restarted.

Same version error.
all just to nerf divine / exalt drops.
Hardly seems worth.

Maybe fix league mechanic to be optional?

Game broke ps5
I wish us console users were cared as much about the PC users; would definitely make the game more enjoyable. Also, having to re-install the entire game because of the patch screw up.

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