3.24.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

Why is GGG so against me ever seeing a good devoted modifier?
Venezuela es mi barrio, y odio mi barrio.
Amante de las abejas🐝
end league relaunch affliction.

This is one of the worst leagues yet.

This and kalandra are top tier dogshiet
So what games are all you playing now since this game and league is dead?
What are the new divine/exalted values with maxed out atlas?
Can you guys please fix the import function on hideouts? it's been broken since before league launch and reports of it go unnoticed :/
Atlas Passives that provide the Lantern of Arimor with an increased chance for Devoted Modifiers now instead provide increased effect of Devoted Modifiers in your Maps. The values of these Passives are unchanged.

And you've decided to make maps function like the campaign, to go along with this?
3.24.0c not 3.23.0c
Think shows how little they care about the game at this point

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