3.24.0c Patch Notes (restartless)

Chickenwink wrote:
Duendecilla wrote:
My build has gone from ~21 Divines cost to ~50 Divines in the last 4 days. I was hoping to get lucky and get the divine devoted to catch up, but now the I will not be able to keep track of the inflation.

Thanks GGG, nice internal testing. Pondering to leave the league altogether.

Hard to take posts like this seriously when the person saying it currently has no piece equipped gear that is more than 5-10c.

Perchance he is accumulating gear for his next character and trying to keep his starter as cheap as possible while he accumulates the funds for his actual build.

Perchance he is accumulating gear for his next character and trying to keep his starter as cheap as possible while he accumulates the funds for his actual build.


Most farmers don't buy tuxedos to run down sunny beaches scaving for currency and auction able loot.
So .. instead of using the atlas to make a 10% chance at something a 13% chance at something...

.. we now get to make a 1% chance at something still a 1% chance .. because the values are so low that increasing it by 5 - 10 - 30% does absolutely nothing.

Bravo again.

The players keep saying we want more consistent things in the game, and player agency .. and you go and make this part the league mechanic more and more loot pinata RNG. You made the corpses have no tiers anymore, they all turned into the max value, why the heck is the allflame / devotion stuff the most sad gutted stuff in the opposite direction?

Just keep confirming why I quit this league after the last nerfs to currency.

This just makes those atlas passives useless.

Just give us the option to disable the lantern at this point. I specced into them to get less bad mods, but that's gone now. Why does every map have to be so much harder? We're not all no-lifers with expert knowledge of the game.
ok man but that will crash the system man what if i didnt get that div mod?
Weird change. I'm +1 every patch this league so far, however this seems...odd.

What's the 30% effect actually doing? So if packs have a 2% chance to drop a Chaos orb...they now have 2.6% chance and are harder?

Gives me a good reason to get the points back in the bottom-left I suppose. Oh well.

Mobile games have better trading...
jeyar_one wrote:
i don't usually reply in forums. but here i want to say something.
i think the league is great. so many great new changes, it's a lot of fun to play and find new farming strategies with the new scarabs and atlas tree variants.
i don't understand all the negative comments.
ggg patched the league mechanics incredibly fast and i think it's a rock solid mechanic. of course not incredibly overtuned like last league (3x mageblood and 1x headhunter drops are absurd).
to all the people who think the league is bad. please don't make a bad mood for the people who enjoy it.
It's a rock solid league. You just have to go farming compared to the last league (and thank god the divine-mod is fixed, please no 2nd divine-piniata league)

P.s.: The only thing I would like to see is the possibility to disable the leaguemechanic completely. I really don't like the fact that you have to play the mechanic when you don't want to

P.p.s.: Many thanks GGG. You are doing a great job!

I love the mechanic of the league, I personally think is great. But this changes are terrible, they upped the numbers on the devoted mods, a whole bunch of people was able to play with them, a whole lot MORE people wasn't and the result is that the big mayority of people is now in poberty in comparison.
Prices of pretty much everything went up and with this new changes everything is rarer and less fun for most people.
Just because you and I like the league we don't have to look the other way when they screw up, and this one is a big one

The game is unplayable with combat dropping to 7FPS since patch 3.23.2b for anyone on macOS. The issue still remains.
Deliver pain exquisite
When will GGG stop ignoring the 5k-6k lag spikes on Washington ,Texas and California servers?
Sometimes I can go 10 minutes without a spike, then all of a sudden I get spikes constantly for hours, then when it spikes to over 6k it crashes the game.

This was happening in Affliction but not as often.
Screw the MTX hotfix bullshit and fix the lag!
I still can't believe the league is dedge.

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