3.24.0b Patch Notes

This "improvement" changed almost nothing. Still, permanently frozen/stun, still one shot by DD, and still no improved drop by/from retard OP shit mob packs. This game is dying fast this way and you, the handful of players who are blind, stay only but you won't be enough to pay GGG wage.
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Late patch.
Should be 2-3 days earlier , not in the end of the first week of the league.

You already lost like 45% players on steam statistics - only in 5x days.
That's saying a lot.

Afffliction with not the best league mechanic/start - lost that amount like in 1x month.

Also - RIP Syndicate 3.24 - we will be miss your old Days general's warhouses stuff.
Even Ultimatum Tree stuff now - not seems so worse as investing in Syndicacate tree points - that's hilarious.

Now it filled with useless scarabs - and nothing else.
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any changes to veiled orb drop rate ? average 4 cat kill to get 1 is depressing
H_zoui wrote:
any changes to veiled orb drop rate ? average 4 cat kill to get 1 is depressing

Dude im killed 8's Cata's - and get 0 - this is real depressing.
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Dear GGG.
What have you done with shaders on beast.
Yesterday before patch, white map, full atlass passive tree for beast's, during fight with beasts I have 23-30 fps.
Today it is 1 fps, what the hell ?
Twilight temple is still bugged, stop using players as beta testers since years, thanks.
Haunted Modifiers that provided more Damage for each alive Monster in Pack have been removed.

I just got this modifier in my map now, maybe it's worded a bit differently, but surely the same mod still exists?
Wow i can understand now why everyone loves Mark and how much he changes the side of poe. WE LOVE YOU MARK
Harvest league FTW ( not the garden! ) - Unique way of achieving crafts, just add window to hideout comers to click on station, they add item, pick craft, click craft, on seller window pops out to confirm - WOW INSANELY HARD TO IMPLEMENT. STOP NERFING, Bring back old loot, bring back fun again!
Lobodlak wrote:
Can we expect this update for consoles today?

Wheb this will be live for consoles?

Alexander said this on page 3 of this post:
"Hi. Console patches are ready on our end but are currently going through the platform side certification. We expect them to go out in the next 24 hours."
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