3.24.0b Patch Notes

League finally launched! Thanks :)
will there be scarab changes soon?
or do we have to trade overpriced scarabs 24/7 to run 5 maps =(??
waiting for the patch, investing into about 10 crafting modifiers for a crystal wand, including together 700% higher cold modifiers chances and reducing other chances I dont want also.

took me about 10 minutes until everything was ready, mostly because of the huge list of collected crafts to get something really good.

It resulted in a crystal wand with only lightning and burning modifers but no cold modifiers

its a game of luck , thats ok for me, but it takes too long, its too much wasted time for no reward afterwards
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And still no option to opt out of necropolis mechanic and launch clean area or map...

Hopefully, not the last patch. Doesn't seem like this patch fixed the reward vs risk by a lot.

I guess need to wait a few more weeks to have "most" of the QOL patches roll out and see if the league is worth playing.
Stupid PoE2 Particle System Patch...

New mute system is another hot garbage.
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My ritual scarabs costs 60c per map which is a big problem cause I love ritual but I'm making 0 profit while Divination farming parties print currency like crazy It almost feels impossible to make decent currency without using expensive scarabs with a group or do abnoxious league mechanics like heist or sanctum
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IGN @SexyMilf
Thank you for hideout and map device fixes
That's a good start, but still not good enough, the most important thing hasn't been adressed yet, the scarabs situation.
I am in act 7 and I think I will quit for now

I dont feel the difference after the patch so far but played only about 3 areas with same poor outcome, so its not really fair.

But this small progress took me about 90 minutes and act 7 SSF looks for me atm so difficult like yellow maps in the leagues before my progress is slow and I have no good feeling where this will end for me this league. Its years ago I am not sure to reach the maps.

So this league for me is more risks you must take, harder monsters, more time to proceed, more death frustration so early in the game where I had no problems before

and so far no additional rewards for me, no fun

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