3.24.0b Patch Notes

Update: Vorana (boss logbook) many times stronger x5-10
HexBlast mine is targeting invunerable things on new maps t17, what a shame this hotfix
holy patch LOGIN
Knifff wrote:
I am in act 7 and I think I will quit for now

I dont feel the difference after the patch so far but played only about 3 areas with same poor outcome, so its not really fair.

But this small progress took me about 90 minutes and act 7 SSF looks for me atm so difficult like yellow maps in the leagues before my progress is slow and I have no good feeling where this will end for me this league. Its years ago I am not sure to reach the maps.

So this league for me is more risks you must take, harder monsters, more time to proceed, more death frustration so early in the game where I had no problems before

and so far no additional rewards for me, no fun

What does this have to do with the league or patch?
Sounds like you are just overall struggling with the gameplay, whether because your build is bad or you are inexperienced.

Either way you commenting on this patch notes post saying you are quitting over this just stirs up drama for no reason...
You haven't even finished the campaign and most features of the patch are about the endgame, so obviously you cannot "feel any differences"..
Thanks for the hard work
Can we expect this update for consoles today?
So vaal temple is actually nerfed, thanks for killing the only strategy I had fun with in this game.

Guess I should just MF and pay 20 div per map to hold right click at 5fps like everyone else.

Guess that's it for me this league.
Thank you for being so quick with the update!
Wheb this will be live for consoles?
Fixed a bug where Essences of Misery, Envy, Scorn or Dread could not be transformed to Essences of Horror, Delirium, Hysteria or Insanity with a Remnant of Corruption.

THis explains alot, really thought i was extremely unlucky.

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