3.24.0b Patch Notes

When do we ps plebs get the patch?
codagain wrote:
I can only hope this patch will save the league otherwise it is dead.
And I hope GGG learned their lesson how we hate forced mechanics and everything is overpowered with underpowered rewards

Lol be less dramatic
drbokorkati wrote:
Twilight temple is still bugged, stop using players as beta testers since years, thanks.

There will always be bugs, even if you had a ptr..just how it is. Wlc to gaming
yesname wrote:
This "improvement" changed almost nothing. Still, permanently frozen/stun, still one shot by DD, and still no improved drop by/from retard OP shit mob packs. This game is dying fast this way and you, the handful of players who are blind, stay only but you won't be enough to pay GGG wage.

Youre playing a assassin, youre lvl 75, you got next to no defence layers, you got low life, ofc youre getting one shotted and stunned. Use pantheons and frozen is a thing of the past.

I agree with the loot part of your post!
HardshoX wrote:
So vaal temple is actually nerfed, thanks for killing the only strategy I had fun with in this game.

Guess I should just MF and pay 20 div per map to hold right click at 5fps like everyone else.

Guess that's it for me this league.

Why the drama? Its unnecessary..plenty of ways to farm currency. Drama solves nothing.
Visit YouTube, and find a new farming strategy.
GeorgiZgurev wrote:
My ritual scarabs costs 60c per map which is a big problem cause I love ritual but I'm making 0 profit while Divination farming parties print currency like crazy It almost feels impossible to make decent currency without using expensive scarabs with a group or do abnoxious league mechanics like heist or sanctum

Google farming strategies or visit YouTube, there are numerous ways of making currency.
Fixomatosis wrote:
Windows 11, Steam: "Missing file privileges". Same as last big update - I'll have to reinstall the entire game.

Ehh you can do a "repair" on steam to fix that, its like a check files option..
GalaxyCrystal wrote:
I find myself beyond frustrated with this league. Not because of the league mechanic itself however, but because of the ridiculous amount of crashing, desyncing, and graphical issues that I have literally never had with any previous leagues to this extent. Blight is unplayable with minion builds, because I crash. Even after this patch. Party play, I lag so horribly that I eventually desync into a full client crash. People in global are still having the same issues with other builds. Why are we less than a week in, 7 hot fixes in, and still so many issues? I ran JUST LAST LEAGUE on max graphic settings, I have since gone to bare minimum wherever I possibly could, and still my game looks like crap and I'm still crashing. I'm about ready to just stop playing this game all together.

Valid points..the ill quit stuff in the end, a little dramatic.

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