Content Update 3.24.0 -- Path of Exile: Necropolis

Zurku351 wrote:
Guys- you need to start balancing this game. Truly. Players are too op! I know that Chris is gone but you should still make sure that people don't get op, change up the meta, do something.
Qol changes are not enough.

Chris isn't gone. What are you talking about? If this is about him stepping down as director; He didn't.
wish we had weapon for melee chaos, all there is is one low end one and some low end claws and then extreme high end sword.... no crafting options.
"Ruby, Sapphire and Topaz Flasks no longer grant 20% less Damage Taken of their respective Element. Instead, they now grant +5% to Maximum Resistance of their respective Element. They also now provide +40% to their respective Resistance (previously 50%). These changes affect existing versions of these items."

years ago these flask had the +5% max res.
Now, you noticed that 20 less is way better when u buff flasks, you ggg gonna nerf again. Why u nerf things that people like idk


WHY U FORGET ALWAYS MELEE PLAYERS? Never buff melee, never think about em.
Did u noticed noone can play, for example, an impale melee build? Nodps no defence unless giga investement.
All my builds:
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where assassin or slayer buffs? Classes are literally dead
Harvest is trash league. Ty for deleting it :)
>no more instant skills on l-click
>generating currency without mindless grind gutted
>grind increased
>targeted content and profit in maps gutted
>more pointless passive gems nobody asked for

[Removed by Support]

yeah keep crying and scrubbing doesn't change the fact that i'm right
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Magic find chieftain is possible to play in new league? Valyrium Ring can helps with delate stun treashold mastery skill point?
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I'm pretty surprised with the reaction of the mana cost craft being removed versus the left-click button thing. It looks to me as though players aren't fully grasping yet just how significant of a nerf this is for spell/trigger builds, particularly for Mageblood players but also Pathfinder in general.
I'm gonna lie, these changes are fire!!!
shacopewdz wrote:
Cycling Damage Reduction has been reworked and is now "Adaptive Resistances". Monsters will become resistant to the highest damage type taken (Fire, Cold, Lightning or Chaos).

BEHOLD, many of you complained about these monsters taking no damage when they cycle to, e.g fire dmg and you deal fire damage, but NO MORE! they fixed it, they are now always almost immortal.

So in your mind it's better for monsters to be literally immune to dmg for what feels like ages, than the mobs now cycling dmg reduction through resistances?
The change would make no sense if mobs would have anywhere close to 90% resistances, if that's what you are worry about.

What could be an issue, is for cycling damage + soul eater (the new one) combo on a rare, which would indeed make them very tanky
maxtraxv3 wrote:
wish we had weapon for melee chaos, all there is is one low end one and some low end claws and then extreme high end sword.... no crafting options.

Unholly might converts 100% op phys to chaos so here you go... go phys weapon and you do all chaos dmg you can get

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