3.23.1 Patch Notes

Work on fixing the server side lag we're all experiencing instead of taking away the good valdos loot table.
Please fix the visual bug for Guardian Turtle with Celestial Raise Spectre MTX
Monsters in the Viridian Wildwood darkness are now removed when the portal to exit appears.

This is a huge nerf, You can grab an extra 1-2k juice from monsters at the end, that sucks :/
too late
Terrible change to remove monsters after portal spawns. So clunky because we dont have a bar showing us how much light we have left...
How about fixing the fucking rooms that give no wisps. How about fixing the blue wisps so they can be seen. FFS.
Guessing the 3 main nerfs are the stygian spires due to the projectile "exploit/mechanic"
The Valdo's Puzzle boxes, and Voidborn keys. Both of these now have a greater pool of lesser uniques to choose from which decreases chances of getting the more rewarding options.

Interesting changes. Guessing the people using those mechanics or keys extensively have a sad day.
Last edited by FMCspriggan on Jan 15, 2024, 6:51:27 PM
no update to blue wisp visibility???
dang yo

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