3.23.1 Patch Notes

yikes no ebony ts fix cringe
To everyone saying they patched the Abyss farm, it doesn't look like they did to me. Unless I'm missing something, they are specifically talking about the private league modifiers that gives additional projectiles throughout the entire league. Scaling projectiles through map mods and wisps still seems like it should work.
penance brand to the moon bois!
You forgot to fix Dual Strike being dogshit.
thanks , let's go
XeoTech wrote:

Still play SSF on my main account :)
Nice batch of fixes, thanks! Looks like a lot of work.


Fixed a bug where the Bane of Chaos Unique Vaal Side Area was able to provide the disabled "Tower of Ordeals" Unique Map. Instead, it now provides the Adorned Unique Jewel.

Why remove mobs when portal spawns. Essentially telling everyone you need an offscreen build to maximize your MG. Way to think that one through GGG...

Also, if you are going to nerf VB by increasing the pool of unique, how about making the maps more rewarding overall? Maybe put Delve bosses, t0 div drops etc etc?


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