3.23.0b Hotfix

ty but need more fixes
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when will Frost Blades of Katabasis be fixed to dmg objects? :(
Really hope the latency issues are getting fixed soon, game is unplayable or at least not fun at all at the moment.
spaceace7373 wrote:
going into town to vendor items or for trade and players with the little goblin band or whatever the hell it's called is very annoying and distracting.

Are the crash bugs getting worse. Despite the performance issues I was crash free until today. Seems more prevalent after interacting with the league mechanic in a zone.
Tek101 wrote:
when will Frost Blades of Katabasis be fixed to dmg objects? :(

We need it fixed so we can even get exp first.
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c'mon guys, give us some information about the sorely needed performance and crash fixes. It's such a huge issue this league.
EK fix when?
Alchemy0412 wrote:
Still nothing about the HORRIBLE performance and performance degradation after the patch. Doesn't matter how many random bugs you fix if the game doesn't run properly and people with rtx 4080s can't play without restarting every 20 minutes.

You are telling me that my computer with a 2060 has better performance than one with a 4080??
Is there a specific issue with this card? Maybe is an Nvidia issue and not with the game

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