3.23.0b Hotfix

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Can we please get a fix for The Adorned unique jewel? Having to socket/unsocket in every new instance to get the bonuses is tiresome...
any update on the colors for affliction? It's very hard to see the Teal color.
Could you please look at monster damage again at higher levels? (namely t16 while being solo)

League mech makes some rares (and a few blues) way too powerful. They just 1shot with flicker or straight up have insane movement speed to the point where there is no counterplay. These are not fed soul eater rares just normal random rares. Meanwhile i cant pinpoint what actualy does the damage because it happens so fast, it feels like the crit scaling on them is way too OP

Some of my issue probably comes from not being able to tell how much is too much. When im collecting dust in the forest, I see the amount but i have no idea how potent that is. Sometimes i can do 5k Dust maps without an issue and sometimes 2k dust maps just feel actually impossible.

Also gonna mention because of the (assumed) damage taken reduction of the afflicted monsters, stuff is near unkillable in consecrated ground
Any graphical engine fixes incoming? currently, this game is almost unplayable..
Hi! after this hotfix I cannot login with "an unexpected disconnection occurred" error
could we please at least get an option to turn off mtx sound from other players? going into town to vendor items or for trade and players with the little goblin band or whatever the hell it's called is very annoying and distracting. especially when more than one player has them.

let alone when a player has this mtx that has a huge green beam that affects the entire screen. it's in town for fuck sakes and we can't even use travel skills but have no choice but to put up with all the mtx garbage
poe is going down fast. Diablo 4 and Baldur's Gate 3 have no performance issues. play them instead
after this hotfix I cannot enter anymore in game with "an unexpected disconnection occurred" error.
I have experimented quite a bit with stability by trying different options like particle culling, the resolution downgrade setting, and even turning multithreading off. All in-game settings btw. It's not our equipment, never has been.

The best thing I was able to achieve stability-wise was turning the multithreading off. You can use the in-game graphs to see the difference, as the lag spikes nearly stop completely.

I'm no expert, but this affecting so many people, as has been reported on the forums, should make this top priority. The problem at least for most of us is the multithreading, like it's making a bad call to the cpu or something.
As always thank you, for reading my thoughts, and for your time. Be well Exiles.
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Literally no bug fixes ever matter if the game is unplayable... fix the goddamn latency spikes first

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