3.23.0b Hotfix

ayo, nice. Reap not showing 80% of the time made me wonder if it's even casting at all
any news on the heist fix? should be fairly easily to replicate because the crash only happens when using nenet.
Gotta love ur loading screens ;)
please fix The Adorned unique jewel bug
Can you guys please Fix Simulacrum crashes. got a high end PC and crash like every 5 wave with no error just straight back to desktop.

Thanks for ure Support!
GGG plz fix Ethereal Knives (normal gem) it doesnt work with Returning Projectiles Support (Nimis too) or clarify this issue
ethereal knives when?
Alchemy0412 wrote:
Still nothing about the HORRIBLE performance and performance degradation after the patch. Doesn't matter how many random bugs you fix if the game doesn't run properly and people with rtx 4080s can't play without restarting every 20 minutes.

Have you Poe Trade macro ON ? For me that was causing FPS SPIKE like crazy, Maybe is not that but worth the try.
Last edited by Dreamounette on Dec 15, 2023, 4:13:33 AM
Can u PLZ fix nenet in heist this is starting to get real frustrating

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