3.23.0b Hotfix

Is it just me, or did the patch caused minimap to minimize everytime I exit the woods?
Fix Forest Warrior aura bug..
not good enough, reddit still not satisfied GGG
My name is Van, I'm an artist. I'm a performance artist. I'm hired for people to fulfil their... fantasies. Their deep, dark fantasies...
Regular version of EK still doesn't work with returning projectiles and ligering blades version which works with them have terrible travel distance, feels almost like melee ranged skill. Please fix asap or atleast state when to expect the fix.
POE 2 creators, Servers dead after week started league, Maybe it's better to finish the first part?
EK still doesnt return projectile with nimis or returning projectiles. pls fix there are 8% who wants to play this like last league
When can we expect a fix to the Adorned jewel?
I'm still crashing when I return to town, good league
Neat, I can finally see my Reap AoE
Game performances are utterly bad and unstable even in basic hideout. It's even worse than in the "performance engine patch" in 3.22.
For whatever reasons, ggg you seem to change things and test stuff like in a limited alpha test release (i know, it's a never ending story with your business model), minor patch after minor patch, still asking us to bank you one more time ...
What a disgusting and disapointing mess.

So much fun potential (thx for the new gems and new quality on old gems !) and so much pain (like kicks in the balls) trying to play - in good conditions - poe at the same time. It's a better time for another game as a waiting room.

I can't say "keep up the good work" because you didn't release good work, ofc (just my feelings of individual player, not a whale, not a streamer).
Good luck and be serious and professionnal while trying to fix your game!

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