3.23.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

I'm missing QoL change "Added the option to turn off other players MTX sound"
No more money from me to GGG until they improve trade!
The Adorned jewel still not fixed :( need to reequip it every zone change for it to take effect... the most annoying bug i've come across
Massive performance problems due to this hotfix. Please fix, game is unplayable right now. Absolutely no issues before this
PLEASE FIX or say something about Ethereal Knives, it's not returning with retuning projectiles, so we can move away from this skill!!
Will Cremation of Volcano soon work with totems?
Fee Fi Fo Fum Horn on the Drum....
PlatoniusIII wrote:
I'm missing QoL change "Added the option to turn off other players MTX sound"

that would be amazing if we could get that

i would honestly like to be able to turn off ALL players' mtx as i find it completely useless to bloat town with all the mtx garbage filling the screen making it hard to simply find the stash chest when the mtx players are all standing around it
poe is going down fast. Diablo 4 and Baldur's Gate 3 have no performance issues. play them instead
duabijitelur wrote:
ek still not returning, might be intended mechanics D:

I think it works if you get your projectile speed up high enough.
For crying out loud, please say something about EK not working with Return Projectiles. I wanna know if i should switch skill, becaus Ethereal Knives of Lingering feels like a crutch to be honest.........
when latency fix?
It'd be awful nice if all these new spectres didnt just disappear the moment something goes wrong. Guess ill either just buy another or pick up a bow like everyone else.

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