3.23.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

Nimis/Returning Projectiles still doesn't work with EK. Is that intended?
Ethereal Knives should return but still doesn't post-patch.
Fixed a bug where searching for Maps on the Bulk Item Exchange section of the Trade website was not working correctly.

It still doesn't work.
Any update on Soulrend of the Spiral? I submitted a bug report about how it is not hitting multiple times per cast, even when fired from directly inside an enemy using CWC Cyclone. The report was acknowledged and said it would be passed to the team.

Could I get clarification to know if this is indeed a bug that is going to be fixed? Everything about the design of the skill (projectiles firing in sequence instead of simultaneously, massive cast time, enormous mana cost) suggests that it is supposed to have some sort of big payoff like being able to shotgun with the right positioning, but I am losing hope at this point. It's fun for clearing, but plenty of other things are still much faster with way less investment required to overcome the huge downside, and I have been struggling with 5 minute boss fights all league because the single target is non-existent, hoping that the lack of multi hitting is a bug that will be resolved.

Could someone from GGG state whether the skill is supposed to multi hit or not so I know whether it's time to just give up on the build?
Normal ek still not working with return proj or nimis only returns if it collided eith walls while the transfigured version with same tags works perfectly fine can we get a clarification about it or is it an intended but unanounced nerf
Please do something about the blue on blue wisps...
Does this mean I dont get killed when teleported to the maze?
I finally found the king, suddenly got teleported to a new area.. killed a few mobs then life drained to 0 in 3seconds.. tried to move away from whatever it was but it was just a fart in the wind
Mathils actual cat
fantastic patch! fast and relevant
what about spectre with enormous life that allows you to oneshot all bosses?

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