3.23.0b Patch Notes (restartless)

Fiery Cannibal is still bugged, now in a different way. Multistrike does not work on her molten strike, despite it having the tag "multistrike-able".

The Frozen Cannibal's Glacial Hammmer works fine.

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Performance fixes pls.
Dear GGG,

Your new skill "Siege Ballista of Splintering" do not work with bow "Iron Commander Death Bow", is it normal or it should be fixed ?
EK still doesn't work with Return proj, please fix.
returning proj still not working with ek ???? what are you even fixing ?
what about servers?
literally every other time my ping jumps above 7k, you re-login to the map and everything is fine, and if you quit again, then again the ping will be above 7000 and again if you re-login it will be fine and so on in a circle, but the fact is that you can’t re-enter some places, for example a labyrinth or a breachstone...
Delete Valdo's void mod
CTD's are still rampant. The crashes seem random, but more frequent during high action.. where they are the most infuriating to happen (wildwoods, delve, kitava fight).

I would really be enjoying this league if it weren't for the crashes. I am nearing the end of my patience though.
multithreading fixes when?
teffalacat wrote:
_Spooks wrote:
This patch made my performance go down the gutters. Shader was spiking through the roof despite having a cache built up, the micro stutter, GPU+CPU maxed out while micro-teleporting every time I fight a mob pack. Had to call it a night. :(

literally same, i was fine this morning and then this patch dropped

so disappointed

At least my load times are not crazy anymore. Went from 90s to 9s load times. At least now I can get through campaign without 2-3 extra hours of load times.

Definitely more performance improvements needed. My PC should be able to load any zone in <2s and mob encounters frequently lag.

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