November 2023 Events

PLEASE, do at least 2 weeks. Many people work and can't enjoy this for only 7 days...
ADD HC VERSIONS even if its standard HC

seriously what the actual hell guys?
Inundated with cockroaches, I am - labyrinth rework ideas/suggestions
No hardcore. Easy skip.
3.15 was a joke. 3.19 was a disaster. Archnemesis/Ruthless/Crucible(Archnemesis 4.0?) - worst ideas. Ruthless is a joke, a waste of resources. PoE2(exilecon version) was super disappointing.
Trade league events. Sadge.
Eat your vegetables.
Please consider making them last at least 2 weeks instead of one, even if it means they overlap. One week is not enough time to enjoy these.
Please tell me Sentinal is going core.. Even without Recombs Sentinal was easily one of the best and most fun loot league ever.
Nice, finally decent events not a shit delve or delirium. Thx GGG.

Always prefer non-void when possible, and getting to play Sentinel again (with recombs!) is super hype.

I'm a little bit sad to not get Endless Delve... but I know they run it a lot and some people don't like it. Skipping it sometimes is fine.

The last event sounds the least interesting to me, even if I don't account for it being voided. But I'll probably play it.

What about Solo-Self found ? Will we be able to play those events in it ?

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