3.22.1c Patch Notes (restartless)

I keep crashing now, cool.
deepenjoy wrote:
When will you fix Engine Multithreading ?

Thanks GGG. You are making everything worse each time you put a patch out.
n i c e
My house is on fire and all my pets are on fire and all my possessions are being burnt.

*Reduced window glare*

deepenjoy wrote:
When will you fix Engine Multithreading ?

Probably never. On the other hand, my proc is now ryzen and I have no problems. Seems that multithreading works better with ryzens, though not always.

But when I was using intel, oh boy... Multithreading was in complete shambles. And it seems that it mostly affects intel users, which I agree is a stupid bug.
Stupid PoE2 Particle System Patch...
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Sweet I got my key in :)
i can play with at least 30 fps before his patch.. now i cant play at all.. why you even do this GGG..?
Kieren_GGG wrote:
Divine Vessels and Scarabs now allocate based on the item allocation option selected, rather than always allocating to the Map owner.

This is actually a cool QoL for party play, will let us pick drops from Scarab bank monsters and Operative Strongboxes much quicker!

I'd be awesome if players could also choose to share their Map drops in Free For All mode if they so decided.
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no idea what you changed in ancestor mechanic i just lose every match now, don't even get a chance to play any more rank 218, not even about the insta death seem the AI is even dumber. flankers would rather fight then flank. i have 288 saves up useless coins now, awesome, way to ruin it.
skills Needs Rework:
Raise Specter, Raise Zombie.

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