3.22.1c Patch Notes (restartless)

Blitz54 wrote:
Has Dynamic Resolution stopped working for anyone else? Doesn't seem to work for me in Vulkan or DX12 as of this patch. Keep getting frame drops to 30fps with Dynamic Culling and Dynamic Resolution enabled.

It works
and again no fix about the vk error :(
why lag again?

Incu stash tab coming soon?
New snowish armor from Ancestor Mystery box has a falling snow effect which overrides skill effects as Storm call if it`s behind the snow effect on the screen. Pls add a button to turn off snow effect at least.
Incu icons don't work for me, can't see any even though I have em.
No performance updates after previous patch.

Look up this youtube video to describe how I feel about this patch:

Xiao Ruepert Miao - 孤勇者 Lonely Warrior
Still not a peep about the performance problems. Been unable to play for the past two weeks during what has been my favorite league mechanic since legion. I'm just glad I didn't buy a supporter pack or I'd be fucking furious.

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