3.22.1c Patch Notes (restartless)

I keep crashing every map
Why do I get stunned when I block in Trials? Deaths Draaw CLEARLY states damage taken. I take no damage when I block. And why did you fix it so that I don't just desync, but I actually get stunned?
At this rate poe2 won't come out before the playerbase can't play your game at all.

Every performance patch introduced a host of computer breaking bugs.
Harvest crop rotation still not updating plot information when plots get upgraded.
Crop rotation still not updating plot information on upgrade btw.

Performance patch still crashing people's games or turning their computers into toasters, and generally making the game run inexplicably WORSE.

F3: "performance"

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Cry myself to sleep

read patch

repeat above.
"When going to apply an Incubator, items with an Incubator already applied to them now display an Incubator icon in the bottom right corner."

This isn't working for me. There is no icon displaying anywhere on any item with incubators on it already.
Yes, I have incubators already in the items, yes I'm right clicking the incubators. Anyone else has this problem? Haven't seen anyone else complaining about this...
My loot is gone, did you also nerf all drops?
When will I be able to play? I crash literally every 30 minutes or immediately on start. There are more than a few people complaining about the same issue. I had zero problems in Crucible.
judging by the timestamp of previous patch note (around 5days), we should be getting the next patch note 3.22.1D or 3.22.2 by like 2days ago? (26/09)

So does it mean this is the end of patch notes for this league?


GGG, please show us a presentation of a pc with recommended specs at the performance right now that you seem to be okay with in your game right now

please show us!

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