3.22.1c Patch Notes (restartless)

Fixed a bug that heats up your room by 10 degrees while performing like hot garbage :(
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Qd0t wrote:
SiAnKo wrote:

hot garbage
heats up your room by 10 degrees

This is not a bug, this is a feature

Lol. I actually do turn the heat down a little to compensate when I play.

Also, day 14 not able to play due to crashes.

Stability and performance patch when?
"We don't want to take away the feeling of closing your eyes and Exalting an item, scared to see whether you ruined it or not." - Harvest Manifesto 3/10/2021

So unbelievably inane it has to be memorialized.
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Ctrl + F


0 hits

That incubator icon is great!
I guess we are done with league updates?

Plenty of possible QoLs, AI fixes - THEY STILL STOP RESPONDING, maybe some random nerf to BS 1shots (lightning horn bauble on enemy warrior can insta-1shot you offscreen)

I guess it's another "league that had potential but GGG decided otherwise"
Has Dynamic Resolution stopped working for anyone else? Doesn't seem to work for me in Vulkan or DX12 as of this patch. Keep getting frame drops to 30fps with Dynamic Culling and Dynamic Resolution enabled.
Legion Incubator icon?
i can die in peace now
Thanks for finally make scarabs not being locked on the scree. Now how long it will take to apply that to Maps and, for example, Orb of Unmaking?:)

Maps are not affected by the multiplayer Quantity Bonus so they should not be lootable by anyone but the map owner.
Wow, GGG solving one of the ancient QoL problems with incubators, never thought I'd see the day :) They must be really concerned about playerbase negativity to do something like this :kapp:

Maybe we'll actually get ability to hide passive/ascendancy node visuals too. 4 aegis bubbles, elusive, bone armor, temporal rift when stationary. For a game living off cosmetics, this should have been fixed years ago. Permanent silly bright cyan glow from Elusive proc on scion - assassin node dominates whatever mtx you could have.

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