3.22.1c Patch Notes (restartless)

The truth is, the changes that really interest me are only the changes that improve the performance and stability of the game.
The rest of the changes do not interest me at the moment, because if I can't play the game, what's the point?
Literally, for the game to work well you need an i9 and a 5090, which hasn't come out yet. Not to mention the gigabytes and gigabytes of RAM that it consumes.
Even with the optimized operating system, it doesn't work well.
the same with the 3 APIs that use directx11 vulkan and directx12.
I would believe that if they improve the vulkan API to a good level or directx12 things would go much better.
2 or 3 blight mobs come out and want to explode the PC.
It gets stuck every 2 by 3 and it's the only game that happens to me. I have the minimum recommended and best requirements that the game needs to work but even so the game has poor performance.
I have died thousands of times because it gets stuck for some unnecessary reason.
fix the performance and by the mother of all gods improve your trading system.
Great update. Thanks
Just ran across the incubator change in-game and it is a VERY welcome change!
Avid door opening enjoyer.
I'm getting high latency instances since this patch came out
usually at 13ms, some areas I enter it sits at 140ms (yes it's the same realm)
Ctrl + F


0 hits

~goes back to baldur's gate 3
Can we increase the drop rate of keys now since they were already on average a 40% loss every time you opened them? Now they will be over an 80% loss while being (from my experience this league) 20x more rare than a divine orb.
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How is it that after this patch the performance once again has worsened noticeably...
When will you fix Engine Multithreading ?

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