3.22.1b Hotfix

It's been a month and you still didn't fix crashes - 4 crashes in 2 hours. I'm leaving and unistalling, also won't ever join this forum.
Will be playing shortly, hopefully progress is being made on the horrid performance after that late league "performance" patch in crucible.
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I'm the only one who feels like TOTA gets stealth "buffed" [ allied units AI are worse than before. Enemies are way more robust than before? ]. Another stealth "buff"?
Why not remove all the smoke effects since GGG cant code them to work properly? THe best thing for performance has been particle remover that is illegal and has viruses, but god damn the game was smooth
Hope it fix performance issues atm i'm kinda annoyed
GGZII wrote:
Just saying my rtx 3080 and 5950x used to run the game like butter, now it's sub 60fps and sounds like a jet.

yeah it's criminal that you're having trouble running this game, poe ran fine for pretty much everybody prior to whatever they did, now people with really good rigs are having problems, it's a war crime they won't revert whatever they did
No difference for me either. pretty beefy rig with a 4070ti and if anything my cpu is still jumping all over the place. without dynamic rendering, which makes things look like mud, the game plays like a slideshow.
My CPU is struggling with multithreading still. I have no hope for now, CPU is melting, everything is stuttering, guess my rig can't deal with this game anymore. Time to move on. Sad.
Nothing changed, CPU is all over the place.... some sort of script, running in the background has no timeout, so it runs normal then it gets to the script and CPU jumps to the roof, and thats how u get spikes.... you guys should review your engine code... you messed up somewhere...
No changes.
Chris really should write something to explain the issue and fix ETA, we are in a limbo for two months, playing 1280x720 is not fun (it still lags even like this btw)

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