3.22.1b Hotfix

Nice. I'll be eagerly awaiting people's feedback. I wouldn't want to re-download the game for nothing.
Finally. Hope it helps! Thank you
please fix frankfurt realm
Just saying my rtx 3080 and 5950x used to run the game like butter, now it's sub 60fps and sounds like a jet.
I hoped it would fix the cpu frying after entering maps, but nope, game is still unplayable for me, had no problems in previous leagues, something is really off :(
IGN: Vixen_Dex
Tried it out. Still dropping down to 40 FPS from 180 idle FPS with a few mobs on screen. Graphics card is very loud since the death update.

I even drop down to 20 FPS when there are a few more mobs.

I never had any problems. Running a 8700k with 2080 super. I used to farm promenade with hundreds, if not thousands of mobs on one map, completely juiced and didnt get such bad FPS.

My conclusion is: Never change a running system!
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auspexa wrote:
please fix frankfurt realm

I also have highly fluctuating ping to Frankfurt. Sadly, Amsterdam got much worse to me with my new Provider, thats what I used before. So I am basically force to use Frankenstein Servers, because all others have higher base latency + also Spikes.
please return the red dot
Did not fix anything. amazinggggggggg
GregoryAdams wrote:
Nice. I'll be eagerly awaiting people's feedback. I wouldn't want to re-download the game for nothing.

Ran a few maps, no noticeable performance increase with ryzen 5 5600x, rtx3060 and ddr4 3200 Mhz ram. My hideout fps is definitely worse than before this hotfix, combat performance maybe worse, hard to tell.

Usual idle metrics on DX12 with "POE2 GPU-based particle system" are 2-4 ms CPU, 8-14 ms GPU. Today whenever I approached my map device in hideout, cpu went up to 9-10 ms just standing and not casting skills. In combat cpu can spike to 100+ ms, gpu to 30-40 ms. Once fps momentarily went down to less than 10 when I blundered into the middle of "extreme archeology" mob mass with coc build. Got global flickering once too.

I realize it is very hard to balance rendering load when you allow players to customize their own areas with unknown density of decorations, and their skillset with unknown number of juicy MTX, not to mention they can cast anything from 1 to 20 projectiles per second with some on-hit crap attached to each. Yet you've made this system, and you don't mind selling MTX for it, so figure it out? With that wild fps jumps, your dynamic rendering scaling isn't doing the job currently.
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