3.22.1b Hotfix

still unplayable since 3.31.2 patch
high CPU usage, long loading.
Thanks GGG for this game, but time to move on.
Hell yeah, my game went from running really well, to needing to delete shader cache every 2 maps to not be playing in slow-motion. Thanks guys!
nice hot fix i got fucking 50000 crash atm
Last edited by KriiSho on Sep 20, 2023, 5:26:43 PM
yeah nice one patches idk, in previous leage i was able to do all conctent, now im not even able to stay in hideout, some drops from 40 to 5 fps, for some reason, cpu going fine, but gpu going crazy like 180ms every 5 minutes, on league start it was fine a bit and i was able to run acts and even maps, but now in first town its about 15 fps lmao

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