3.22.1b Hotfix

It is sad that this game ran better 5-7 years ago then today. Real big upgrade there.
Have a 10x Crashes/Disconnects today after latest patch.
Yeasterday was playing for entire day - have 0 issues.
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Please help game performance. Do not allow poe 1 to run like this in the name of poe 2. This is disgraceful.
GGZII wrote:
Just saying my rtx 3080 and 5950x used to run the game like butter, now it's sub 60fps and sounds like a jet.

Having the same Problem, even dunno why, the GPU is at 20% and the cpu 40% ...
great performance patch, cant do ravaged blight w/o crashing. Second crash in row now.
somehow my performance got worst cant even play. before patch was game was running fine (bad but tolerable)
dont fucking update the shaders, fucking update the engine or revert it back to the old state ffs

imagine your isp lowered your bandwidth and tells you its for the better because of their new technology, but you tell them its worse than before and wish to revert the changes to be able to function as before, and they just ignore you completely and just work on their new tech... welcome in our situation

how can you be okay with the fact that your game isnt playable even if you just open the LOGINSCREEN ?!?!?!?!?!?
you dont even have to do anything to see that you fucked your engine if things arent stable even when doing nothing on the screen at all...
isnt your engine able to just function without needing to do anything now? crazy to me
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After the patch in juiced maps fps is constantly 20-30, with delirium often stays at 5-10. Pre-patch non-delirium content was running in 40-60+ fps, delirium 30-60 fps, depending on amount of monsters and particles on the screen. Now i can't even complete a single juiced map. Constant stuttering and freezes cause way too much deaths.
Swing and a miss.

Was unable to play before due to chronic crashing in maps, now, crashes wandering around hideout or upon entering map portals.

Day 12 of unplayable for me.

edit: lol, figured I'd try again after clearing caches since this updates the shaders. Can't even enter hideout now.

edit2: at this point I don't know why I even bother trying.
"We don't want to take away the feeling of closing your eyes and Exalting an item, scared to see whether you ruined it or not." - Harvest Manifesto 3/10/2021

So unbelievably inane it has to be memorialized.
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Alright. After 2 months of dealing with this bullshit here is my feedback (and if this post gets censored by mods i will post it again, it only takes me 2 secs btw):

Spec: Ryzen 5 5600G 16GB Ram SSD M.2

Fps on 100% delirium + breach + altars:

Vulkan: Feels like im playing on 200ms + 5fps
Direct 11: 10 fps
Direct 12: 5 fps

Enabling dinamic resolution which makes the game look like minecraft: 12 fps

Every other setting: lowest

There you have it.

Personal opinion:

Even before 3.21.2, the fact that a 10 year old game wasn't able to run juiced content above 20 fps on high end pcs was already ridiculous enough. Now you can't even run that shit above one single digit anyway.

Edit: forgot to mention that every time i join another hideout now my ms goes up to 255 XD

Not being a member of this game anymore unless things drastically change.

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