The Trial of the Ancestors Hideout Competition

Hideout Name:
A Cult in Hiding

Karui God:
Kitava, Father of Chaos


A place of hearth & home, hiding a dream of fire & ash.



You start out at a seemingly comfortable tavern.

Bustling with life.

A very warm atmosphere to be in.

Until you happen upon an altar of strange import.

Your hands atop the unholy stone, and the nightmares you have only heard in tales, have become reality.

You stumble and torment at the hellscape before you.

Only then do you realize, that you are at the very heart of chaos.

You are at the lowest seat of despair.

You are in the darkest dream of the Insatiable.

You are with K̶̭͖̳͇͙̒̊̈́̅̽ï̶̧̩̱͚̘̃̏̅͛̊†̶͉͍̮͚͉̓͌͒̔̕å̵̗͉̜̩̻̀̓͗̐̾v̵͍̦̘̲̳̈̑̏͌̾å̴̜̪̮͍̃̂̒̊͋ͅ



If you don't fancy reading through the text, here's a video of my submission:

Credit to artborne-wd
for the transition


Hideout File


Really enjoyed making this one! Good luck to everyone <3
"For we are not now that strength, which in old days moved Earth and Heaven. That which we are, we are; one equal strength of heroic hearts, made weak by time and fate, but strong in will: to strive, to seek, to find, and not to yield." - Ulysses, Tennyson
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Hello, this is my entry:


Video Showcase

Tawhoa's Retreat


Karui God:
Tawhoa, Father of the Forest

Luxorious Hideout











Hideout File:


Was really fun making it I hope you enjoy! :^)
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Name: Cosmic Convergence

Entry: Natural

Inspiration: Sione, Lani Hua, Ramako

Theme: The eternal war of Mother Moon and Mother Sun, depicted in frost and fire.

Hideout: Divided

Hideout Showcase: Link



Notes: I've never made a hideout from scratch before but it was oddly an enjoyable experience. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!
Hi everyone, best of luck to you all!

Name: Hinekora's Temple

Entry: Premium Microtransaction

Inspiration: Hinekora

Description: Hinekora, also known as the "Mother of Death" or "Mother of the Dead", is a major Karui god that rules over the Halls of the Dead and oversees the Trial of the Ancestors. This hideout features dark and gritty vibes that glorify exactly that: death and decay. You enter into a foggy graveyard with defiled graves, impaled skulls and menacing trees. The ambient light of candles and torches lures you into the temple itself, where you discover the absolute nightmare. Dismembered corpses, severed heads... this is a haven for pain and suffering. Every sacrifice adds to Hinekora's collection of souls.

Hideout: Infinite Abyss

Hideout Showcase:'s%20Temple


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Theme: Ngamahu, Mother of Fire

Hideout: Fire Council

Baleful Hideout:


Hi! I Want to submit my Hideout too c:


Name: Chaos Forest.

God's Theme: Tawhoa & Kitava.

Base: Lush Hideout.

Hideout File:


"Forest is life, dead, and also chaos.
Hunger is the main rule, because all living things looks for survival, as their primal instinct.
All forest needs chaos, but this one represents it better."

Hope you like it!
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Hideout Name: The Ethereal Night Garden
Karui Gods: Tawhao (Father of the Forest), Rongokurai (Father of the Night) & Arohongui (Daughter of the Moon)
Base: Unearthed Hideout
Entry: Natural
Description: The Ethereal Night Garden is shared amongst three gods: Tawhao, Rongokurai and Arohongui. Together they transformed the bare land, from a grubby lifeless plain to an enchanted, prolific forest; a sacred place. This hideout is full of beauty and plant life. Nonetheless, it is yet to be discovered how such an abundance of life springs in an eternity of night-time...



Hideout File (.hideout):!AiadFfzpgWXjgd0l2jzskDyMviwkBg?e=6Mzu85

I thoroughly enjoyed creating this hideout. Good luck to the other competitors!!
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Name: Kitavas Throne
Karui God: Kitava
Entry: Premium
Theme: A place for some "r and r" for Kitava
Hideout: Atlas

Sione's Temple (A Sione/Ramako Hideout)

A temple so gilded with foreign riches The father of Light became the Father of the Sun by taking one step in.


I started with an Immaculate hideout, It was kinda the obvious choice for A Gold Plated Temple, but it worked doubly well because the entire surrounding area is extremely dark, Which, if you're making a temple that is The Sun it kinda makes sense it'd be floating in darkness.

When you enter you're greeted with a map device, surrounded with statues and piles of gold (Thank you Merveil for the Gold Piles, sorry for killing you so many times) as well as boxes, and boxes of treasures

Now I like to make my hideouts functional as as well. So behind the map device we have the stash, in this Big Golden Box (Heist locker too)

And Lilly & Kirac close by for selling/buying when you come out of a map.

Kirac, upon entering the Massive Gilded Hall was starting to think Zana might have had a point about the whole "The Exile is nothing but a greedy Lootmonger" thing

And from the map room we pass Two Golden Archers to see the rest of the hideout.

And here we have Cassia standing in front of what are absolutely Foreign Riches™ and not map/golem parts I promise

Turn up to the right, and you have Sione's Throne Room. A place in which Alva can barely contain herself

You might think all the Solaris Garb is heretical, but if I was a god, and some foreign guys had a different idol for the thing that I do, I'd be snatching up ALL their merch and decorating my house with it.

Then you turn down from Cassia, you get to the stairwell, where we have Helena,

Down which we get to the dining room, where The Boys are hanging out.

Deeper in we have the Kalguurans guarding the cage that I've put the Forsaken Masters in

This was entirely an excuse to use the Large Cage Asset that I really like but has been a huge waste of space in any other hideout

And past that we have the crafting bench, as well as a bunch of bows! Ramako thinks they're fine to use. Everyone disagrees, but everyone else can disagree 3 to 30 yards away and see how far their hammers get them.

And you KNOW I had to give the Girlfriends a place to bump in. This is a staple of my hideouts I am unwilling to compromise on.

Also a quick shout out to the Hero of this hideout. When you're trying to look for very bight and very yellow lights, you'd think you'd look for lights in The Solaris Temple, or under the Innocence category. Turns out the best in the business for a Gilded Hall is the Candelabra in the Slave Pens of all places. You want bright yellow lights, This guy is the one to go for.

"Well certainly it was unethical to keep slaves when the Eternals did it. We here in Orath do things differently however. Our slaves get the BEST candelabras, so OUR slavery is completely ethical." -Piety probably.

And that's me lot for the day.

.Hideout file:

Side note: I noticed a lot of people having problems with images not loading, you need to put the file type (IE .png .jpg) in after the link or it will not recognize it as an image!
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Temple to Arohongui - Submission for the Natural Category, Divided Base

Download link

Video Showcase

In the new expansion, Ikiaho confirms that Arohongui is the daughter of Lunaris, the moon. So this is a hideout dedicated to mother and daughter. I've made several references to the character of Arohongui from what we got through Ikiaho, such as:

- Lunaris and Solaris fighting each other with their faces shrouded in darkness even under moonlight, since Ikiaho's tales claim they're truly demented.
- Statues of mother and daughter kindling a white flame
- Karui spirits hidden in the moonlit gardens, watching curiously
- A water basin, decorated with skulls and the cycle of the moon on the floor around it
- Various symbols of knowledge-seeking, such as the fountain, the books, the artifacts

And of course, I just needed to use a mix of highgate, lunaris and karui decorations to portray the relationship between moon and daughter. The rest are chosen situationally and color-wise.

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