The Trial of the Ancestors Hideout Competition

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The Beast's Return

Dedicated to Kitava, Karui God of Chaos, Corruption, and All-Consuming Hunger
(and though named for the Beast, has always been more so inspired by Kitava in terms of aesthetic and general theme)

Small hideout using the Redeemer's Hideout as a base
I did make a non-mtx version available on Hideout Showcase, but it loses its lynchpin showpiece: the demon map device.

Short-form lore:
Our wayward Exile of Wraeclast missed most dear that which powered the gems -- that which breathed life into their very being.
They did what Sin could not: bring back the Beast.
Fashioning a sacrifice out of their latest kill, Veritania the Redeemer was reborn anew...
Her tower is now alive in many ways, and its gaping maw serves as a gateway to new worlds.
For those that look closely, you will find that you too are being inspected.

Long-form lore:
The context being that, because the Beast was a non-intelligent being with the sole purpose of neutralizing the other gods and imprisoning Kitava... now that those gods are dead along with the Beast, the Exile wants some form of insurance... and to bring back the being that allowed thaumaturgy to exist in the first place. But what the Exile brought back is not non-intelligent. It observes. It waits. It grows. It consumes the many fictitious worlds you travel to. It feasts on the memories you dredge up, the artifacts you unearth, and the many creatures you kill... not physically or even figuratively, but in a manner that is... novel.

It consumes the idea of their existence.
All these things the Exile does in extraplanar realms... it is a story carefully woven by the hands of fate. Stories of triumph and woe in equal measure; of greed and gold and glittering trinkets and baubles.

And each story is a feast
fit for a god.

And so this small little hideout is a simplistic nod at the exile and their followers being harbingers of chaos and destruction in equal measure, a cult of Kitava in their own right... Though this new being that's growing into the tower isn't the same Kitava or even the Beast, but something new. A unity of hunger and its suppression. It's feasting on stories, and the Exile has lots of them to tell.

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Valako's Keep

Hideout Showcase Link - No MTX

A hideout worthy of those that truly embrace the storm.

This hideout features a nordic keep and township. The keep is situated on the mountain of the alpine hideout - it's colour theme is blue/white to match the storm god's aesthetic. It is heavily guarded and only reachable via the bifröst. The township has a lighter theme and features various shops, a forge and places for the villagers to hang out.

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Tawhoa's Retreat - Premium

Even gods need retreats and many choose them among the realms they are known for; living there in guises many would meet and think nothing of... for to those people it was just another Tuesday.

This bit of heaven lost in Wraeclast's forests once served such a purpose for the great Tawhoa, why it today stands abandoned as a ready made sanctum for the exiles may never be known, but perhaps that was its intent all along. Who are we to pretend to know the thoughts or wills of the gods?'s%20Retreat

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It is so nice to see Official Competitions finally take the path in the right direction. The presence of a theme eliminates previous works and drafts being submitted, separating MTX and Non-MTX is probably the best decision here as it will bring equality and will stop the "MTX works win, this is pay2win competition" dramas that happened in the previous competitions, then the limitation of submissions will bring better works and will prevent multiple works of the same submitter placing amongst top 20.

All these were present in Iron Hideout Competitions for a long time and it is so nice to see you took some inspiration:) Like the presence of a theme has been present since competition #1, the MTX category was added in #3 and became effective in #5 and on, and the submission limit was added in #7. I also sent a few emails about these to support and Bex. There are still a few missing improvements that could be added, one is mentioning the jury team which would have a positive effect and reduce the drama after the results are announced. But still, it's so nice to see the Official Competitions improving! Edit: I heard Ritualist's Hideout is accepted in the Natural category. If this is true, I think this is a big mistake. That hideout was only unlockable by completing 36 challenges in a league and I think it should be banned in both categories.

I wish everyone the best of luck, this is going to be a good one!🎁
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Best of luck to everyone participating!
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I've been waiting for this for ages.

However, I don’t even hope to get into the top 20. In the top 3 there will be a gloom water hideout with corals, a fire hideout (MORE RED!) and a necrotic one. I'm literally sure of this.

In any case, I wish everyone inspiration and avoid the 12 columns.
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The hideout community has been waiting 2 years for this! I'm going all out, good luck to everyone participating!
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