The Trial of the Ancestors Hideout Competition

Ways to see vi unreal mirror lake under your feet?

Luna built this one with an image of some little hidden place under vi moonlight which is really wonderful theme for me. But.. since Arohongui cares no about shrines, serving and temples and.. such kind of things.. this place have not much of karui or directly related stuff that represent her other than stories, so now i'm not sure about participation, but it's just sweet to share hidout with someone.

I just adore Beyond stuff like Uhtred's starlight and things that no need to talk about.
Dreamy ones.

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Bridge of life

[Tawhoa + Hinekora]

The hideout's waypoint takes you into a Forested area full of life, a small section is guarded by Navali and Catarina which represents the crossing from life into death. The path leads into the final section which is burning [I couldnt find any "chaos flame" effects] where you will find the images of the old Hideout masters and Karui.



(No MTX required)
Edit: Thanks xPiranha for letting me know how to actually get the images to show up :)
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hoho this is gonna be good.
I started the hoho movement.
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Those are much better prizes than when it was the art contest :/
Forum pvp
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Hey that's my submission for the Natural category !

Name : Corrupted Kitava Worshipper Hideout
Gods : Kitava, Father of Chaos
Type of hideout: Natural / Size: Tiny / Base: Robber's Trench

Youtube :

Screenshots :

Here's my entry for the competition

Name: Tawhoa's Underground Forest
God(s): Tawhoa, Father of the Forest
Hideout: Undercity Hideout
Entry: Natural / No MTX

Description: An abandoned sewer, reclaimed and turned into an underground forest by Tawhoa, Father of the Forest.


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My NON MTX entry for The competition

Hideout: Coastal (atoll map)
Name: Kitava's Cultists
God: Kitava, Father of Chaos
Entry Natural/ No MTX


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Hideout name: Forest of Death and Life (Primeval Hideout, Not MTX)
Karui God: Tawhoa, Father of the Forest

Theme: The Exile enters a dream. A dream in a forest, where life and death exist together and cannot be separated.



Hideout File

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I'm not particularly great at decorating, but I'll try my hardest!

Good luck, exiles!

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