Introducing the Ancestor Mystery Box

POEtayto wrote:
no duplicates?? just repeat recolors. so misleading.

i wont complain i got 15 dragons in a box once..
francorocco23 wrote:
finally, but.....why are aura effects tied to specific auras again? that's stupid

Yea and probably the least used auras endgame.
All of this is just way too much. I just want my plain old Armour sets back without all the extensive visual glutter.
very good boxes couldnt resist and took all of the MTX inside !
im very pleased with the quality and the value but 1 question i got for you GGG
why auras are again limited to a specific aura? it make no sense we dont like thnis concept why go back in time please make all auras as just aura effect mtx for any aura
I hope they make less variations of the stuff to at least get everything in like umm let's say 20 tries or so lol... just hopeful wishing xD
Question, do these MTX like those arm back attachment will they eventually come to the normal shop?

I personally just really want the back attachment arms but don't want to spend over 100$ usd to try to get it.

I remember spending quite a bit on MTX back before they change how duplication works (i had multiple suffering pieces back then that i couldn't do anything with, i stil have duplicates.)

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