We've just released the Ancestor Mystery Box, a new mystery box without duplicate microtransactions! Each of the microtransactions in this mystery box has visual behaviour that interacts with your gameplay. Check out the contents of the box in the video below!

There are 20 microtransactions that you can find in the Ancestor Mystery Box. Each of these microtransactions has a varying number of thematic variations, and you'll never receive a duplicate copy of a variation that you have already opened. For example, if you open the Starfall Harbinger Portal Effect variant of the Harbinger Portal Effect, you may later receive the Void Emperor variant, but you'll never get a duplicate Starfall one. The Ancestor Mystery Box will be available in the store until the end of 2023. Check out the full details at pathofexile.com/mystery-box

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Grinding Gear Games
So... does one of the boxes contain those compiled shaders...?
These microtransactions are getting out of hand lol
this is insane
no risk, no reward.

very well done
Yay! The 3.22.1 Mystery Box!

Sorry about all the heckling over the last couple of weeks.
no duplicates?? just repeat recolors. so misleading.

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