Introducing the Ancestor Mystery Box

finally, but.....why are aura effects tied to specific auras again? that's stupid
ign - Clex

Waiting for GGG to add DARKSHRINES and patch 1.2 for custom leagues.
Wait, we have timer on Mystery Box and non default mechanic league? That is amazing GGG>
Their art department is on point. Say what you want about the game and design decisions you can't argue the quality of their art department.
Lab is 0 fun. Free the ascension points from lab
This is pretty awesome. Nice work everyone involved! Harbinger portal, anchor drop, demongraft, so very good. And there's a lot of desirables in the rest.
Worth the wait, these are the best yet.
Trapdoor Portal is the best. Nobody will enter the maps even me >_>
Super creative. I usually skip these just because of the gambling money drain, but I'll definitely pick some up when they come out in the shop a few months from now!

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