3.22.1 Patch Preview

1 : Boxes where

2 : 30% of infinity is still infinity

3 : Super lazy "fix" for the maven node, punishing players for having a good character is peak game design.

4 : Turtle

5 : Pretty sure the oneshot machines didn't need any more damage

Hope the loading screens are actually faster but seeing how most technical changes pan out in this game I'm not holding my breath.
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Titanic Ghell won
I hope this actually fixes the shader crashes It's been beyond annoying so far trying to play a map, and then the game crashing sometimes even multiple times every map.

Which is with a PC that should easily be able to handle the game, and did so the entire crucible league.
Hello guys.
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Nothing I saw will help me, especially in Trials aka "Time to Die". !!
I do hope this means the MultiThreading Issue gets fixed If i enable it i stutter if i disable it i pretty much can't do content. I'm in a catch 22 damn if i do damn if i dont and im vary sad :'(
All this and not a single improvement on performance. As well, Chieftain ascendancy needs major rework. Smarten up GGG.
So Turtle not fixed and one shot mechanics got more damage... Amazing GGG. How to fail 100% Bah... I'm just out... You guys do this every league and I'm stupid enough to stay around hoping you fix the broken game you release. Maybe next league I will learn and don't even start to play. 1 thing is sure I'm done supporting this game.
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Why buffing chieftains ? they already oneshot ?
Why no indication about Titanic Shell shielding her own totem ? :(
That seems like a lot of work. Thanks for that. Has there been any progress regarding game performance?
Great to see that GGG is buffing the damage of oneshot mechanics.

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