3.22.1 Patch Preview

Sooooooooo does that mean Mystery boxes are coming next after no information at all?
Spear Dancers get a love tap, no other units get their one-shot damage reduced, and in fact, more chieftains likely get one shots, AND some of their abilities get homing functions.

Turtle gets somewhat nerfed, will have to see if its even noticeable.

The life and ES nerf affects both teams.

The cost reduction on some units is appreciated, I've used Moon Dancer... once, and I'm at 1500 rating. I have used the turtle 0 times because 2k+ point cost is insane.

We still have no way to select difficulty outside of burning coins and times to force us down, so the scaling likely negates any life reduction/damage nerf from this patch.

Single use items are still worthless, and are now worth less for us to sell to another vendor :/. GGG a single use item will never be worth more than having a unit in that slot.

2 weeks for a balance patch and I am largely unimpressed. Nerf the rewards if you have to, just deal with the one shot bullshit.
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Now spear dancers gonna oneshots from 800 rank isntead of 700.
Ppl who trade me will be happy to know that they wont need to wait 5 minutes to load the realm.

Oh and please start working on a way to prevent price fixers or market controlling players. Its getting worse each league.

Btw your game is very good. Xoxo

Mi o sutete koso ukabu se mo aru
Ashriel wrote:
Will this fix this utterly abysmal performance with all other tasks running on my PC while PoE is running ever since the "engine changes" last month? I have a 4090 and a 7950x, and even just watching a YouTube video while running the game windowed is choppy. Something has gone horribly wrong.

cant play in peace anymore because i got lags and freezes on videos and streams when i switch zones in poe. sadge
> Allocated Crucible Passives on items are now considered when filtering by stats on the trade website.

Could you make it so unallocated crucible modifiers do not show up in search results, now that they can no longer be allocated? For example, if I search an attack speed node, but it's not allocated, can it be omitted from results?
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"Fixed a rare bug that allowed dead characters to remain in Hardcore Leagues. This bug affected less than 100 characters."
Glad you guys got the priorities straight and fix stuff like this instead of addressing the absolute ABYSMAL engine performance and crashes TONS of people are complaining about every day here.
Nice Patch!
But what about mistery boxes?
So from these notes, I would assume more chieftains are going to be 1 shotting even more frequently now? That and them titanic turtles will continue to stop the match on its tracks because it will continue to protect it's totem as well as it's neighboring totems? Sounds like you guys are really wanting to league mechanic to be worse and worse aye? I can't wait for all the one shotting to continue in ToTA! /sarcasm
So, in short, they didn't fix Titanic Shell. It will still make it's own totem invulnerable.

I can't express my thoughts here without risking a ban. This isn't a smart decision. It's not in the same universe as a smart decision.

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