3.22.1 Patch Preview

A lot of effort into these patches. Probably going core :D
"In the 3.22.0 patch, a change was made that caused Mirage Archer to no longer be able to use Skills triggered by Manaforged Arrows Support. We have restored this behaviour, and Mirage Archer now states that it can use Triggered Attacks as though they were not Triggered."

Previously mirage archer kept the manaforged arrow damage multiplier, this new wording makes it unclear if it does or not. can we get some clarification if it keeps the multiplier or not? the wording says it was restored to how it previously worked, but the explanation doesnt seem to support that
Dys an sohm
Rohs an kyn
Sahl djahs afah
Mah morn narr
Could you please fix Crop Rotation not updating properly?
Why not just delete Titanic Shell entirely? Is there a single person who likes it being in the game in any capacity? It's anti-fun that only contributes to MUCH longer match times and pure frustration.
I'm moving to China next year so I can play on the Chinese servers. I'm gonna get my currency looting pet and extra inventory and my cheat death scroll that I will buy for like $50 and then [Removed by Support] while my cute chinese traditional wife feeds me dumplings and cheers me on while I'm mapping.
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The complaint on Turtle wasn't it was protecting multiple totems and didn't say so in the description.

It was that it protected its own totem which was contrary to it description.

No mention of that in the notes here...
Yo for real ... can you do something about the game performace please? I'm sick and tired playing at 40 FPS cap cause my GPU would explode otherwise when I usually played at 120+ FPS before the league.

Any news if you are working on that? It's the most annoying thing about this patch which is otherwise pretty good.
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so the immortal turtle will still buff itself, and the useless field items and units now cost less so they will also sell for less, thank you ggg for this useless patch

hey at least i can now forfeit immediately when i see theres a turtle on escort instead of having to log out and wait for 2 hours while my pc loads the act 2 town

"Added a forfeit match button that can be used when your Ancestral Totem has been banished in stalemate situations."

nevermind then ill just wait
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