3.22.0b Hotfix 4

why? Fixed a bug where the Delve Subterranean Chart was showing hidden paths before they had been found.

this was best feature of whole league
Infested Valley is totally cancer.
"This is about load order, doesn't have to do anything with loading times."
Dxt44 wrote:
Infested Valley is totally cancer.

Infested Valley has been completely unplayable the whole league.

Crashed with the same error message all the others are posting before i even could start the first Tota Round.

Even tho i noticed a better performance some effects doesnt even load for me which is a bummer because i die to them very fast.

best example is the spirit guard totem aura (blue) around the totem that kills me within 0.2 seconds because i dont see any aura at all. And this is only 1 example. had some effects on maps aswell that killed me cause i couldnt saw them. + many many tile sets dont load at all on some maps.
Guys, just roll back the graphical changes to the patch from the last league, which literally ruined the game for a huge number of players.
agree hopefully we will be heard soon as weekend is over now.
Since poe1 and poe2 are separated games, why not roll back to 3.21.1 patch? We dont need the Engine and Graphics Improvements patch.
pls GGG rollback game thats' all
3900x 3070ti 32gb RAM
Still not performing as well as before. Still getting the stutters described in the posts with "dated" intel chips.
brzroman wrote:
this patch doesnt fix anything.
if you dont have background load (YT/twitch) which keeps cpu cores awake, cpu latency/frametimes are bad, exactly same behavior like it was after 3.21.2


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