3.22.0b Hotfix 4

yeah i knew not to get too excited LMAO all of this couldve been prevented by playtesting or rollback just remember
Fix the damn turtle already, nobody cares about delve
Crash no fixed
Can you please look into this?

Two Trials crashed in a row:

Now: 3 trials in a row...

Please fix this!
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Do you guys ever test anything *asking for a lot of friends*
Thanks for patch.just lost 3 div from league content crash.good job
going to login and see how it goes. fingers crossed

edit: no luck, still waiting. :(
(my poe problem isn't related to TOTA Mechanic)

+1 for performance fix
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Hotfix 4 did not have any impact at all on performance, except people are crashing in TOTA every single time. Shaders are still bricked, FPS is still bricked, loading times are still bricked. Everything is bricked.

Good job!
Did not fix the issue of increased GPU load or I suspect problems with the new particle system :pray: but hopefully that is also a problem that will be tackled, perhaps give us a slider to lower the amount of particles as well.

I don't think it's placebo, I have noticed a shit ton of more participles which looks great. But I'd also like back half of my frames :>

Edit: To the people having issues, do test to reset shaders again. These kind of changes kinda always require to build them again. Especially if you had issues before. Shader cache can be found in "C:/"your user name"/Document/My Games/Pathofexile" by default iirc.
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Hi Kieren, any idea if the mirage archer interaction with manaforged arrows bugfix (discussed here: https://www.pathofexile.com/forum/view-thread/3411364 )

will make the next patch?
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