3.22.0b Hotfix 4

Kieren_GGG wrote:
Sorry about that, we sorted those crashes and it's now been re-deployed.

has it being deployed or not yet? im still crashing

Im on steam client
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TOTA crashing even after verifying integrity of files
Just verified files and crashed 5 times in a row so there is still a problem.Using steam client
Thread with mine and other players observations, might be helpful


TLDR: there are two wheelchair solutions - disabling cpu energy saving states with custom windows power plan, or having some kind of a background load (twitch or YT video) when you play PoE
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Still crashing in TOTA on steam
Still crashing in TOTA
I am crashing as well. Do we need to wait until tomorrow?
Apologies, there was a separate problem with the Steam version we've now fixed too.
Has any exile really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?
dx12 still does not work normally, drawdowns up to 30 fps still remain

ty for the fix.. now i can play my fav league mech

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