3.22.0b Hotfix 4

thank you for performance update however loading screens in towns and other peoples hideouts are still 30+ sec
pls fixx!!
Nice brick GGG
Guys, have you looked into the the damage to minions from tota. Multiple people have reported on reddit incl my self that high level/hp/investment (unkillable) animate guardians are getting one shotted, which makes the league frustrating to engage with. Could this be looked into please, Id like to enjoy/engage with the league mechanic again
Thank you! Lets hope this helps.

Hey Guys,
is a patch on the way to fix the impending doom bug on console too?

that would be greate :)
Improved client performance for lower-core CPUs.

Can you please define lower core CPUs ?

Can you please use more than 20% of my HIGHER-CORE cpu and give me more fps in infested valley ?
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When can we see button "Surrender" in TOTA??? Cause when AI of your minions is bugged, you can't win!
rollback to pre-engine update. for the love of god...please?! this is the worst state the game has ever been in as far as i can remember. just what the hell are you guys doing???
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CPU still stuck at 95%+ permanently, hoping you guys can find the fix soon.
oh no they have not fix the abyss not spawning in some maps yet

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