Germany Fan Meetup

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"Path of Exile's engine is currently modern, lean and fast." - Chris Wilson, September 19th, 2019
I will be there
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7mins for me aswell xD
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I'll come.
Bird lover of Wraeclast
Las estrellas te iluminan - Hoy te sirven de guía
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1.5 hour drive. I'll be there. Starts at 7 ends at???
See you there, Exiles.
Geil! Can't be there, but ... geil.
Will definitely drop by with my husband. Short 40 min trip for us.
Do you guys think 40 is enough?
I hope there won't be any issues in case you guys get swamped with way too many visitors. I mean, in a worst case the police might shut it down and ask everyone to leave.

To anyone attending, please leave stuff like (cosplay) weapons at home if they look too realistic or too convincing.

Anyway, maybe I'm just a pessimist. Picking a restaurant next to a big open park area is definitely a smart choice though.
smdom wrote:
While I'm pretty happy about the news, and really want to see Chris and team, I would like to mention, that such news should be posted in advance. My plane comes 23, a hotel room is already booked together with the vacation slot at job.... It's very upsetting to understand that I miss the opportunity

But it has been posted weeks ago that they will hold this meeting before Gamescom
Hi, Ac1dify here, with East Oriath Exiles, reporting post-meetup.

So, in total, we ended up being closer to 60 people than the originally planned 40, so once Chris and the guys arrived, we immediately moved to the park, where we held a lovely meet&greet and a very insightful Q&A session.

Overall, the experience was a bit surreal, getting to the location half an hour early, seeing that it's almost at full capacity already, having a lovely chat with the community, and then just suddenly everyone went EYYYYYYY! and there he was. The man, the myth, the legend, in the flesh. Someone whom i usualy only got to see from the other side of the screen.

Chris, Jonathan, Octavian, and the rest of the guys were very patient, answering our quite numerous questions, and then proceeded to do autographs and photo sessions, absolute legends. Overall experience 10/10 would travel 2.5 hours with massively botched train schedules of Deutche Bahn in sweltering heat again.

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