Germany Fan Meetup

Nice - I'll try to make it :)
I'll be there! It's right after my construction shift.
Nemesis258 wrote:
Does anyone know If i need a Wildcard Code before buying the Wildcard Tickets for Gamescom on the 23.08.

Tickets are pricier than normal, but at least i could Drink Beers with you and visit Gamescom the day after. :)

Since yesterday they sell them without codes. But pricy, I think 59€?
nice , I will come over. Can even walk to the location :D
Wait, what...

Does this mean Chris AND Jonathan will be at the booth, too?!?
Will be there, very excited!
See you there! We'll be at least two ;)
I really have a problem with too many people in rooms buuuuut this is tempting. ^^
Aw I'll only be there for the weekend, will there be any GGG staff during the weekend (25-27 of august ) at Gamescom itself ?

So I can literally just walk in without any prior arrangement? Incredible. If so I will definitely drop by.

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