Germany Fan Meetup

K. That's really really cool of you all! Forever Exiled, A Path of Exile Podcast
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Nobodyz wrote:

19 hours... but closer than NZ, if I go, first beer on you?

Hmmm, how did you find out were I live, neighbour?! ;)

I might go, combining trip with Iron Butt challenge (1000 miles in less than 24h). Really tempting.... have to think about this...
Sieegfreed wrote:
"We have a reservation for 40 seats outside in the beer garden"

who cares about this??? were is the challanges rewards?

Exactly, where are the challenges rewards?
How exciting! We'll be there :)
Good stuff, exile!
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well i am not that far away but not sure if i should go... i mean it's still in week 1 and ya'll know gotta go fast :/
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While I'm pretty happy about the news, and really want to see Chris and team, I would like to mention, that such news should be posted in advance. My plane comes 23, a hotel room is already booked together with the vacation slot at job.... It's very upsetting to understand that I miss the opportunity
Nice! I live in Cologne and would love to go, however I unfortunately have to work until around 9 PM.
Do you have any estimation how long the event is going to last?
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neat, can actually make it. Will be there
Nice was looking for a event related to PoE since I couldn't make it to NZ ( way too expensive for me sadly )
top kek
Does anyone know If i need a Wildcard Code before buying the Wildcard Tickets for Gamescom on the 23.08.

Tickets are pricier than normal, but at least i could Drink Beers with you and visit Gamescom the day after. :)

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