Germany Fan Meetup

Hmm, in theory, I can visit.

I don't life near cologne, but I work in düren for the next three weeks. It's like 40 min away, potential even less, if my hotel is in the right direction.
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Obey the Orb:
Will you guys be at the Gamescom at Sunday?

Im working and need to driver 2 Hours but i´d really like to meet you :)
Beaviz wrote:
Nobodyz wrote:

19 hours... but closer than NZ, if I go, first beer on you?

Hmmm, how did you find out were I live, neighbour?! ;)

I might go, combining trip with Iron Butt challenge (1000 miles in less than 24h). Really tempting.... have to think about this...

Well, what can I say? Pretty much the same path as you, neighbors :-)
YersiniaD wrote:
I really have a problem with too many people in rooms buuuuut this is tempting. ^^

It'll be outside as this place has a very spacious outside area thats being served.

Frito322 wrote:
Aw I'll only be there for the weekend, will there be any GGG staff during the weekend (25-27 of august ) at Gamescom itself ?

They said at exilecone Chris and Jonathan will be there, they haven't specificed on what days exactly though.
thusday why not weekend :(
Challenge rewards?
We have a reservation for 40 seats outside in the beer garden. A selection of food (including vegetarian and vegan options) and drinks is available for purchase. You do not need to make a reservation, if we exceed the number of seats, we can fan out to the park which is adjacent to the beer garden.

I feel like you dearly underestimate the german fanbase
I will be there

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I feel like you dearly underestimate the german fanbase

Its in the first week, might even be appropiate
Hey GGG I hope the Gamescom event goes great for you all. For me Gamescom has been a really mixed bag in terms of visitor experience in the past (pre pandemic mind you), queues have often been long and the content you could get exclusive hands on experience was sort of small scale.

While that is my reason for no longer attending, I hope everyone visiting this year will have a great time.
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