3.21.2 Hotfix

dynamyc resolutuin doesnt work since those big patches. game lags more and crashing every third map
fk archnemesis.
Jadran wrote:
Wow, loading times are so fast now for me. Faster than before the patch.

Before this patch, the map took 1-3 seconds to load, after the patch 50-60 seconds...

Game and windows installed on ssd...

Each time on a new map of the same temple, the harvester loads a new texture for 5-10 seconds approximately...

Does the game download them from the Internet all the time? What then is 36+ gigabytes in the folder with the game?
i still cant even get to the login screen after the patch, when i press the game.exe it crashes everytime at the 2 gears spinning just before login screen right after the grindinggeargames logo appears.

tried un-installing and re-installing both through steam and without steam.

my drivers are up to date, game worked perfectly fine before patch in dx12.

im on a intel arc a770m gpu in the Intel NUC Serpent Canyon ... windows 11.

pls GGG... tell me how to fix this or how am i suppose to play the game ??
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Game is at the moment going too hard on CPU, i had no problems before this patch, i could stay above 100fps in juiced maps, delirium, now I hit single digit fps while just playing a white tier 3 map, which makes no sense at all, I tried overclocking stuff, disabling cpu c state, changing in-game settings, nothing seems to be working, please have a look at it because it's literally unplayable for now for a lot of people. I'll also take a break until this cpu usage problem and fps is fixed.
2 days ago i was playing the game just fine. after that update... i can not play the game anymore. sadge. well, was fun. 👋🏼
Game loads faster than before and is stabler at previous chokepoints (like some silly oversaturated spots in my hideout Lol,) seems good

Care to share your PC specs?
If game runs so great for you, telling us what pc parts you got, would be really helpful
Ahora mis fps bajan a 5 estando en Hideout. Gracias GGG. Ahora no podré seguir jugando a pesar de haber invertido dinero y tiempo en este juego.
Ya sabemos la solucion que va a ofrecer la Empresa GGG. Actualizen sus driver de CPU. " envienos las Spec de su PC". Y demás. Eso se llama Lavado de manos. El juego ahora es imposible de jugar. Que sigue? Comprar un i9 12Gen para jugar a 20 fps???? Arreglen el juego NO LO ROMPAN. Es imposible seguir jugando.
0 fps, ty GGG
Still waiting... nothing improved for me... feels almost worse than the last hotfix. Not taking the time to write down all my specs. I'm here to play a game and escape... not do more work. Sorry.. game was fine before... I didn't break anything. Never seen something so buggy and glitchy in all my life. Also.. never have I had to make changes on my end to fit the requirements of some game I'm playing. I just wait for the devs to fix the game or I just leave.

I mean... imagine thousands upon thousands of people giving GGG their specs. GGG should set the standard and show us the minimum system requirements they're shooting for and then we can all compare it to that. Then we'll really know if we're all running rigs within their minimum suggested specs.

If their intentions are to force us all to upgrade less than a year out from the big release of POE 2 that seems foolish. I would think they want everyone that can currently run POE 1 for Crucible to stick around without having to dump a load of cash to upgrade our PCs. That way we can all burn a hold in our pocket with new transactions for POE 2.
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